We’re on a mission

Our Vision is to help the creative and lifestyle industry to fix their value creation by enabling creators to have full control over their content and its monetization. On the other side, from a user perspective, we want to create a new way of interaction between creators and their audiences by giving the possibility to have a stake in the creator's value.

Our model

On traditional platforms consumers must pay in order to access private content, we want to change that by building a better model for monetizing any type of content on the Internet using token ownership. 

Users join by owning the creator's token which grants them access to any type of content. On DFAME you become your own network where tokens represent the value of your content based on your community’s demand for it.

Starting with our token-permission video content model we want now to give creators full ownership over any content they create on different platforms. Consumers needs to hold a certain amount of the creator’s personal token to access their content, like their own blog, newsletter, video, or music content.

A search engine for protected content by building Token Permission Pages (TPP), a token gate for private links. A user can search any type of content on the Internet protected by social tokens. As the creator displays the content only to stakeholders that create healthy growth over the future of personal tokens as consumers are more incentives on holding the tokens over its speculative value on the market.

Our Values & Goals

Culture first
Tokenization for everyone
Social tokens discoverable
Endless  possibilities


"The arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively."

Culture is an umbrella which encompasses the social behavior and norms found in human societies, as well as the knowledge, beliefs, arts, creations, capabilities, and habits of the individuals in these groups. We at DFAME wanna make sure that this stand over the Tech. In the current System the platforms stand over the people - we wanna change that!


It's time for a change!

We have to build a new system where the creators and the people inside of communities can profit from their value. It's time that content becomes an economical good not only for platforms but for everyone.

As a result of this current design in mainstream social media apps, creators and users care more about social status than the benefit of the community. By replacing the current design of current mainstream apps with economic incentives that align creators and users, both can see a greater financial return, increased community involvement, and more exponential growth overall. Empower the creators and their community over platforms!

Our Founders

David Tomuletiu

Economics & Product Management

Jennifer Tran

Full Stack Developer

Jonathan Dunlap

CEO & Engineering Management

Luis Egea

Full Stack Developer

Simon Weniger

Product Design & Business

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